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7,000+ families depend on us for assistance, every year.


92% pass rate for people enrolled in Citizenship Classes.


Physical exams, vaccinations, check-ups, and monthly screenings.

Programa Finanzas
VITA Program

2024 Total Returns: 1,580 2024 Total Refunds: $1,772,673


Our Youth Leadership program serves chindren in East L.A.


Access to the East LA Farmers Market and Center resources.


For over 15 years, we've been a cornerstone of the community, providing essential services, fostering a vibrant environment, and empowering individuals and families to reach their full potential. 

Fighting Food Insecurity

One of our most critical efforts lies in addressing food insecurity. Through our emergency food assistance program, we distribute over 200,000 pounds of food annually, ensuring that thousands of families have access to nutritious groceries. Partnering with the 100% Certified Farmers' Market, we further increase access to fresh produce, promoting healthy eating habits in East LA.

Building a Stronger Community 

The East Los Angeles Certified Farmers' Market is more than just a place to buy fresh food. It's a vibrant hub for the community. The market attracts a steady stream of residents, fostering economic growth by supporting local vendors and creating a platform for local artists and organizations. We also host numerous community events throughout the year, bringing people together to celebrate East LA's rich culture and strengthen the social fabric of the neighborhood.

Empowering Individuals 

The Eastmont Community Center goes beyond basic needs. Our educational programs empower individuals to achieve their goals. Our Citizenship Classes boast a remarkable 92% pass rate, helping immigrants navigate the path to becoming active members of the community. We witness the transformation firsthand – the dignity restored, the dreams ignited, the futures secured. 

Expanding Services

Eastmont's commitment to growth is evident in its evolving services. The center became a hub for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, connecting hundreds of seniors with volunteer opportunities in local social services agencies. Additionally, Eastmont expanded its educational offerings to include English as a Second Language, computer literacy programs, and a variety of adult education classes.

The impact of the Eastmont Community Center is evident in the lives we touch. We are proud to be a driving force for positive change in East Los Angeles. Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to serving our community and will continue to develop impactful programs and initiatives that empower residents, foster a thriving environment, and build a brighter future for East LA.

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At Eastmont Community Center, we are a dedicated team working together to improve the lives of families in East Los Angeles. We come from a variety of backgrounds but share a passion for service. 

Beyond the Numbers

Eastmont's impact extends far beyond quantifiable metrics. We foster a sense of belonging, provide a safe space for learning and growth, and empower residents to reach their full potential. 

Fostering Engagement

We provide essential services, educational opportunities, and a platform for community engagement, we empower residents to build a brighter future. Our dedication transforms our community.

Our Work Reflects Our Ethos

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