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Our Story

Since 1968, the Eastmont Community Center has been a cornerstone of East Los Angeles.  We tackle  challenges faced by families through social services, education, and personal development programs. We empower potential. We believe in creating opportunities. We provide social services, educational programs, and resources that equip residents with the tools they need to thrive.  Ours is a legacy of transformation. Today, we offer a diverse range of adult education classes, including computer literacy, ESL/Citizenship classes, nutrition classes, and more. Over 7,000 families rely on Eastmont each year. We are more than just a center; we are a lifeline, providing essential services and fostering a vibrant community spirit in East Los Angeles. We are grateful to the Disciples of Christ Church for their collaboration. 

Eastmont Community Center Team

The Team

Our Impact

Eastmont's impact extends far beyond quantifiable metrics. It fosters a sense of belonging, provides a safe space for learning and growth, and empowers residents to reach their full potential. It's a place where families find support, seniors connect with their community, and children build a brighter future. This ripple effect strengthens families and fosters a sense of belonging within East Los Angeles. 


By providing essential services, educational opportunities, and a platform for community engagement, we empower residents to build a brighter future. Our dedication serves as a powerful example of the transformative power of community-based organizations.

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