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Our Team

At the Eastmont Community Center, we're more than just a team – we're a collective force for positive change in East Los Angeles. We see the potential in every resident, every family, and every corner of our community. For over 15 years, we've been the bridge between hope and opportunity, and the results speak for themselves.

Administration Team

Isaias Hernandez

Executive Director

Brenda Mata

Operations Manager

Valerie Aguilar

Human Resources Coordinator

Zeena Chokbengboun

Development Coordinator

Nutrition Health and Wellness Team

Johana Davila

Senior Program Manager

Brissa Sanchez

Program Supervisor

Silvia Navarro

Program Specialist

Daniel Casillas

Farmer Market Coordinator

Margarita Herrera

Intake/Outreach Specialist

Edward Chavez

Farmer Market Assistant

Victoria Hurtado

Donations/Maintenance Lead

Rafael Garcia

Donations Assistant

Eduardo Saravia

Donations Assistant

Board of Directors

Ernesto Flores


Teresa Palacios

Vice President

Bruce Indermill


Abraham Mercado


Dunia Fernandez

Board Member

Kristie Hernandez

Board Member

Ancelma Sanchez

Board Member

Laura Barrera

Board Member

Samuel Robles

Board Member

Reverend Gabriel J. Lopez-Patino

Board Member

Economic Development Team

Emma Cordova

Assistant Director

Elizabeth Cervantes

Program Manager

Marlene Hoffmann

Public Benefit Specialist

Sandra Garcia

Program Coordinator

Maria Perez

Program Associate

Hadi Vasquez

Accounting Clerk

Child and Youth Leadership Team

Lisbeth Perez

Youth Coordinator

Jannet Camargo

Child Services Assistant

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